In order to become a member of The West of the Lake Region, you must be a member of the national club. Some of the benefits of the national club membership are:

Colored Monthly Magazine

Technical Advisors

National Show

National Driving Tour

National Directory

Large Network of Friends also interested in Cadillac-LaSalle

If you're not currently a national member you can register yourself online. Become a national member today! Or, we can register you for the national and regional club together. For more information, please contact our membership secretary listed below.

The yearly cost for joining the West of the Lake Region is $20. Some of the benefits of being a active member of the West of the Lake Region Cadillac LaSalle Club are:

March through November Newsletters




Voting Privileges

Network of friends also interested in Cadillac-LaSalle

For membership information please contact:

Membership Secretary:
Ron Schweitzer
(630) 833-3593