Constitution & Bylaws


Originally adopted by vote of the membership on February 26, 1986
As amended by the membership on November 25, 2003


The Cadillac – LaSalle Club, West of the Lake Region
Founded August 1985



Article I: Name and Insignia

Section 1 The name of the club shall be called, “The Cadillac – LaSalle Club, West of the Lake Region,” operating under the charter from the Cadillac – LaSalle Club Incorporated. The club is not affiliated in any way with the General Motors Corporation.

Section 2 The official club insignia shall be the shape of Lake Michigan in medium blue with the words “Cadillac – LaSalle Club” above it and the words “West of the Lake Region” below it. Words are in yellow gold and the background is dark red. Other insignia, as adopted by the Cadillac –LaSalle Club Inc., may be utilized by the club at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Article II: Purpose

Section 1 The club is a non profit organization, formed for the express purpose of encouraging automobile enthusiasts to band together for mutual interests in the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of the Cadillac and LaSalle cars and to promote social fellowship among the club members.

Section 2 Provide information and assistance within the membership which helps them to procure, preserve or restore the Cadillac or LaSalle cars and related items.

Section 3 Organize club operations and activities, which are enjoyable to the membership; promote public good-will and enhance their perception of the club and the old car hobby.

Article III: Membership

Section 1 Any person of good character, with a genuine interest in the Cadillac and / or LaSalle cars may join by submitting an application and appropriate dues. It is required that each member concurrently maintains membership in good standing with the national Cadillac – LaSalle Club.

Section 2 Membership is inclusive of the member’s spouse and children seventeen years of age or younger. Voting privileges are limited to the registered member only.

Section 3 Honorary or associate membership may be granted to individuals selected by the Board of Directors for the recognition. They shall pay no dues and are entitled to all club privileges except the right to vote and to hold office.

Section 4 Membership and all privileges thereof will be terminated automatically if dues are unpaid two months after notification of renewal has been sent. The section is to be strictly enforced.

Section 5 Any member whose conduct is judged not to be in keeping with the purposes, aims and best interests of the club may be expelled after a hearing through the affirmative vote of a majority of the Board of Directors. Formal notice, identifying the charge, will be delivered to the member at least thirty days before the hearing. The member will have the opportunity to refute any charges at the hearing. All rights and privileges of the expelled member are revoked immediately upon the decision being rendered to do so. Reinstatement can not occur until at least twelve months have elapsed from date of expulsion and the application for readmission has been approved by the Board of Directors.

Article IV: Dues

Section 1 Dues shall be payable on a twelve month basis, called the dues year, and are not prorated.

Section 2 Dues paid by members joining the club in the last quarter of any dues year shall be considered paid through the end of the following dues year.

Section 3 The dues year will begin on April 1 and end on March 31 of the following year.

Section 4 Dues for the membership shall be set by majority vote of those members in attendance at any meeting.

Article V: Officers and Board of Directors

Section 1 The officers and their duties are as follows:

Region Director – Shall preside at all meetings of the club and shall appoint such committees as necessary to carry out the activities of the club; shall see that all club functions are conducted in accordance with the constitution and bylaws of the club. When there are an even number of members on the board, the Director will not vote except in the case of a tie vote by the board.

Deputy Region Director – Shall perform the duties of the Region Director, Secretary or Treasurer in cases of absence or incapacity for any reason; shall perform such other duties as assigned to him/her by the Region Director or Board of Directors.

Treasurer – Shall collect and disburse the funds of the club; shall maintain adequate financial records and support documents; shall render a financial report at each meeting and at other times as required by the Board of Directors or Region Director; shall prepare an annual report detailing each of the clubs financial accounts covering the calendar year.

Recording Secretary – Shall take minutes of meetings of the membership, the Board of Directors, and of all events that the club may be involved in. These minutes of meetings shall be provided for publication to all members in a timely manner.

Membership Secretary – Shall maintain and update membership and dues records; shall provide dues notices and related correspondence as necessary; shall initiate programs to increase membership; shall provide all materials and forms necessary.

Member at Large – The person shall be nominated and elected from the membership concurrent with the election of officers.

Member at Large (Subsidiary) – One member elected by each approved Subsidiary.
The offices and duties identified in this section may be assumed by a minimum of three members to a maximum of six members, plus one member for each subsidiary.

Section 2 The Board of Directors and its’ duties are as follows: The Board of Directors is made up of the Region Director, Deputy Region Director, Corresponding Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer a Member at Large from the region and one from each recognized Subsidiary. It shall have general management and control of the affairs of the club and shall perform all functions not otherwise defined herein.

Section 3 Proxy voting is not allowed. Voting by mail on matters posted at least two weeks before the meeting is allowable. Such votes must be submitted to the Region Director or the Secretary and must contain the voting member’s signature. Each member or officer has one vote. A majority vote of those present and those having submitted a mail vote on a particular subject shall decide at all times. Three Board members are necessary to form a quorum

Section 4 Neither Regional Officers, nor their spouses, shall receive financial incentives for serving. This includes, but is not limited to, payment for their attendance at club events. However, this restriction shall not prohibit any officer from receiving the privileges described in the By-laws accorded by the Region to an event organizer, the newsletter editor, the Region’s representative to the Cadillac-LaSalle Club National Board meetings, or the waiver of costs that are accorded the general region membership if that officer meets the requirements of said waiver.

Article VI: Election of Officers

Section 1 Nominations for officers shall be made from the floor at the October meeting. Nominees must have participated in a minimum of 75 percent of club meetings and activities during the current calendar year. Such activities shall generally include events sponsored by the Region. Any nominee has the right to decline.

Section 2 Votes will be cast and counted at the November meeting. Attendees shall vote by secret ballot, to the fullest extent possible. The Regional Director shall designate a region member to serve as the election official. That person shall distribute, receive and count said ballots at the meeting, and shall maintain a list of those who have submitted votes both prior to and at that meeting, to insure the integrity of the election process. That person may not be a candidate for any contested position in the election for which he or she so serves. After the election results are determined, the ballots shall be destroyed.

Section 3 Proxy voting is not allowed. Voting by mail on matters posted at least two weeks before the meeting is allowable. Such votes must be submitted to the membership Secretary or the designee described in Section 2, and must contain the voting member’s signature. Each member has one vote. A majority vote of those present and those having submitted a mail vote on a particular subject shall decide at all times.

Section 4 Majority vote is required for election to any office. A majority vote is defined as fifty one percent of the vote.

Section 5 Officers will assume office on January first of the following year.

Article VII: Subsidiaries

Section 1 A Subsidiary may be established by a majority vote of the board if a CLC member in good standing makes a request in writing.

Section 2 The Subsidiary operates under the constitution and policies of the region, shall pay dues to the region and shall be allocated one seat on the Board of Directors.

Section 3 The Subsidiary is provided all administrative services as provided to other region membership. The Subsidiary will be required to provide a member to act as interface for activities, administration and for newsletter articles.

Section 4 The Subsidiary is permitted to elect it’s own officers, it may host meetings or activities independent of the region except such meetings or activities can not be scheduled to conflict with region meetings or activities.

Section 5 Regional funds will be available to the Subsidiary upon written request with approval by the Board of Directors.

Article I: Meetings

Section 1 Business meetings will be held on the last Tuesday of each month unless, for good cause, this date must be adjusted by decision of the board. There will be no scheduled meetings during the period December through March.

Article II: Regional representation at Cadillac-LaSalle Club National Board of Director meetings

Section 1 In accordance with the Policy Manual for Chartered Regions of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, Inc.:
Each Region shall have the right to elect a CLC member in good standing from their area to serve on the Nation Board of Directors in the event such representation was not achieved through the national election process.
Two such meetings occur each year. One, the “winter” meeting is held early in the calendar year, the second in conjunction with the Grand National meet.

Section 2 In the event that the Region does not have representation on the nationally elected Board of the Directors, the Regional Director at his or her discretion may act in that capacity, or shall appoint a region member to so serve.

Section 3 The Regional Board shall subject to availability of funds in the regional treasury, provide a stipend to that representative to attend the winter Board meeting. The amount of that stipend shall be at the discretion of the board. Said stipend shall not exceed that necessary to attend the Board meeting. Said representative shall use the most cost efficient method of attending said meeting and shall provide receipts to support all costs. (It is expected that no reimbursement would be available for the summer Board meeting, as the representative would likely be attending in conjunction with his or her attendance at the Grand National.)

Article III: Incentives

Section 1: Newsletter Editor: It is recognized that the newsletter editor position is one of the most important positions in the club, as it is he, or she who is the communication lifeline to the members of the region. Consequently, subject to the availability of funds, the Newsletter editor and their spouse shall not be required to pay to attend any West of the Lake Region-sponsored event. In the event that the newsletter editor is more than one individual, the Board shall determine the scope of this privilege.

Section 2: Event organizers: It is recognized that without persons to organize regional events said events would not occur for the members of the region. Consequently, subject to the availability of funds, the organizer of an event, which reasonably anticipates the attendance by 15 or more regional members, shall, not be required to pay to attend that event. However, the definition of said events for the purpose of this section does not include: other clubs car shows, swap meets, cruise nights, Grand Nationals or Convoys to such car shows, swap meets of Grand National meets. In the event that the event organizer is more that one person, the Board shall determine the scope of this privilege.